Alex, Amelia and I share a two-bedroom condo apartment in Pacific Heights, an upscale neighbourhood of San Francisco. Alex is the explorer, while Amelia is more shy and quiet. But they both stare at me a lot, probably wondering what I’m doing in their house!

I am cat-sitting Alex and Amelia for three weeks while their mommy, Kristen, is vacationing in Paris. And they still seem rather doubtful about my motives.

Amelia (left) and Alex (right)

Amelia (left) and Alex (right)

I’ve been here since Tuesday, but I’ve only walked around the neighbourhood so far. The weather is comfortable (around 21C), varying from cloudy to sunny. San Francisco can’t be mistaken for any other city. Its roller-coaster streets and pastel Victorian architecture are dead give-away.

Just like in Belgium last spring, the drivers here are extremely considerate, coming to a stop as soon as you give a hint of wanting to cross the street. In comparison, drivers in Toronto are starting to seem rather rude to me.

Here in Pacific Heights the people look thin and fit, possibly a result of jogging up and down those hills and eating plenty of organic food, which is easily found. However most of the products in grocery stores are 20-50% more expensive than in Toronto! I’m suffering from major sticker shock. Good thing I’m getting free accommodation through the house-sitting.

This is my fourth house and cat-sitting gig since last September, found once again through Trusted House Sitters. I am thrilled with this new way of travelling. I don’t want to imagine how much it would cost to spend three weeks in San Francisco in the traditional way.

Apparently, the house where the Mrs Doubtfire movie was filmed  (starring Robin Williams) is nearby and according to Kristen I’ve passed it a couple of times already. It’s apparently easy to spot, with all the flowers left in front, but strangely I haven’t noticed it yet. I must be too busy watching my steps as I negotiate those hills!

For now I will leave you with some photos of the apartment and neighbourhood. Stay tuned for more as I really start exploring the city this week-end!


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