The countries below offer delicious and rich foods. You won’t lose any weight there. Even just trying to maintain your weight is a challenge that you’re not likely to win. Cross the border into these places at your own risk. Try to lose a few kilos before you head out and don’t throw out your “fat” clothes just yet!


I love Argentina. There is so much to see and do… and eat! The first time I travelled there I gained over two kilos in five weeks!

IMG_7557 - Version 2To start with, the whole Argentinian food culture is based on meat. Beef comes in a dozen different cuts offered at parrillas (eating places that cook meat on their namesake grills). Tenedor libre restaurants (basically “all you can eat buffets”) have large pits where half carcasses are grilled on racks. Servings of meat are large and come with different varieties of potatoes.

IMG_7929Argentina has a large population of Italian immigrants, so they know their pasta. You’ll often come across homemade pasta offered with a variety of sauces such as “gorgonzola and walnuts”. Pizzas all seem to come with double cheese.

And then you have the sweets: ice cream, cakes, and chocolate. And let’s not forget dulce de leche, a caramel-like spread present on every breakfast table.


When most people think of Belgian food, “mussels and fries” usually come to mind. Sure, those delicious Belgian fries won’t do your waist any favour, but there is much worse lurking in Belgian restaurants.

In fact during my visit last year, I didn’t have mussels a single time. But again and again, I found myself eating various meat stews in creamy sauces that came with generous helpings of potatoes. Humm, the sauces! Mushroom sauce, mustard sauce, gravy… my mouth waters just thinking about them.


Then there is the beer. Unlike France, Belgium does not produce wine but has over 1000 types of local beers. Every restaurant offers several varieties on tap and in bottles at any given time, and can make recommendations. Each beer comes in its own little glass, and because they are rather small (no pints or pitchers here) it’s tempting to sample more than one with a meal.

Finally, Belgian chocolate (one of the best in the world) and pastries round things up.


Yes, there is beer here too, but in much bigger glasses. And Australia is a world producer of wine as well.

March 5-9 041

When I think about Australia I think about big servings of fish and chips, specialty sandwiches, and breakfast options like the “stacks” and the “breakfast burritos”. I just want to have breakfast three times a day in Australia!


Because the country doesn’t suffer from a serious winter, there is also a lot of BBQ’ing going on all year round.

The coffee is also very good and served out at various cafés along with scrumptious cakes and sometimes, even scones with jam and cream.

United States of America

Well, this probably isn’t news to anybody. The USA serves humongous portions of some of the most fattening food around. Not all of it is crappy fast food either. Some American food (especially in the south) is really yummy. In North Carolina, I discovered biscuits and grits. In New Orleans, I was served wonderful little fried crawfish (like popcorn shrimp), corn bread, gumbo, and jambalaya.

Steaks are super-sized everywhere (but especially in Texas) and appetizers are the size of a normal main course anywhere else. A small size drink looks like a large size to the rest of the world (although it’s mostly composed of ice cubes).

If you’re travelling with someone else, you can share one appetizer and one main course and probably have enough food. Eating solo is more problematic. Fortunately, your waiter won’t bat an eye at your demand for a “doggie bag” so you can take your leftovers with you.


BavarianFoodI haven’t travelled much in Germany, but I’m convinced that given more time I would likely gain weight there as well. This is another meat and beer country. They are especially fond of large sausages, dumplings, sauces, and thin slices of meat breaded and pan-fried in butter called “schnitzels”.

They also make decadent cakes over there (“black forest” anyone?) as well as strudels. Breakfasts consist not only of bread, coffee, and yogurt, but also hard boiled eggs, cheese and cold cuts. Achtung!

To be fair, in all of these countries you will be able to find lighter fare as well: salads, fish, and the like. But given the rich alternatives coming at you from every direction, how much willpower do you really have?

Which other countries do you know that are dangerous to your figure? Don’t be shy and share in the comments below.

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