Hard to believe but BigTravelNut will be three months old tomorrow, and now contains 50 articles!

It’s time to take stock. So how are we doing?

Statistics for this past month show:

  • 814 visits
  • 449 unique visitors
  • 2571 pageviews
  • Average visit duration: 4 minutes 33 seconds
  • Average pageviews per visit: 3.16

Are these numbers good? Honestly, I’m not sure. Do I want more visitors? Hell yes! How about tripling these numbers over the next three months?

Google Analytics also tells me that over the last month 52.6% of readers have been new visitors, and 47.4% returning visitors.

So, welcome to you new visitors! And my deepest thanks to those of you who have been returning to BigTravelNut on a regular basis over the last three months! Please go tell two of your travelling friends about the site. 🙂

Today I want to do something fun. Pay attention because you could win a gift!

Below is a short 5-question quiz. All the answers are on the web site. And here is a hint to save you time: BigTravelNut has a Search box. (Did you ever notice it?) You can also use the menu at the top if you want to see sub-categories.

The first person who contacts me with all correct answers will win:

The winner has to be willing to send me her/his street address in order to receive the gift.

Set? Go!

The Quiz

  1. In what country did my plane land at the wrong airport?
  2. Name a pedestrian town in Asia.
  3. What is a boxty?
  4. How much does a massage cost in Cambodia?
  5. What is my favourite tour company?

(Note: Question #5 is tougher. I don’t explicitly state anywhere “my favourite tour company is XYZ”, but this company is mentioned in three different posts.)

Good Luck!

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Hazel the travel nut


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