BigTravelNut is a blog that helps and inspires people (in particular the 40-65 age group) to travel cheaper and further. Leveraging my 26 years of mostly solo travel experience, I show that travelling independently to far-flung and off-the-beaten-path destinations can be fun and affordable.

I take my own photos and videos to illustrate my posts, which are mostly destination and how-to pieces. I also have a Reviews section which I intend to grow in the coming years.

Below are all the ways in which I propose to help you!

Promotion through Advertising and Affiliates


I offer a variety of ad sizes in different locations on my site:

  • Sidebar banner ads (300 x 250, 125 x 125)
  • Banner ads within posts (468 x 60)
  • Embedded text link — if my blog doesn’t already have a post related to your topic or destination, I can write one for you, as long as it relates to BigTravelNut’s niche. (See also Sponsored Posts below.)

I would love to be an affiliate for brands that align with mine, and help promote products or services that will benefit my readers. Contact me if you think we’re a good match!

(Update Oct 2018: I am not currently accepting new affiliates. This may change in 2019.)

Sponsored Posts

BigTravelNut prides itself on the value it provides to its readers, as well as the high quality of its content.  Sponsored posts will only be accepted if they are well written and relevant to my audience (solo travellers 40+).

Sponsored posts can be written by either me or you. Link insertion within existing posts is also possible. If you tell me who the client is, I can help you find the most relevant post on my blog. (There are over 300!)

Promotion through Reviews

My blog has been around since August 2013 and my number of visitors has been growing steadily. My target audience consists of travellers who are 40+, with a curious mind, looking to travel affordably yet comfortably, even when going solo.

I can help promote your destination, or travel-related product or service, by sampling it, then writing about it and promoting it on my social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and Instagram).

Note: To see if I am in your neighbourhood, or where I’m going next, check out Where is BigTravelNut? If I have to make my own way to your destination, please give me at least six weeks notice if you want me to consider it – last minute plane tickets are expensive!

Destination reviews

If you’re a DMO or Tourist Office trying to attract more travellers to a lesser-known location, I would be thrilled to participate in a familiarization trip. One of my blog’s goals is to help my audience discover off-the-beaten-path destinations. I would be happy to help design the itinerary to align it with my readers’ interests. I will write several posts about the trip on my site (and yours if you’d like), with photos and videos. I will then promote the posts on my social media channels.

For example, a two-day exploration of the Pelion region in Greece resulted in those two articles: Untouristy Greece? Try the Pelion and Eating your way through the Pelion.

Accommodation reviews

I am willing to review affordable accommodation such as hostels (as long as they are friendly to older travellers), guesthouses, and homestays/B&Bs to make my audience aware that there exist comfortable alternatives to expensive chain hotels. But even solo budget travellers like to splurge once in a while. Hence I am also interested to hear from you if you want to promote a small boutique hotel located in a safe location near interesting attractions.

Restaurant reviews

Brunch at Jam Cafe, Victoria BCI love to eat, whether I’m at home (Toronto) or abroad! I also enjoy writing restaurant reviews. If your restaurant hasn’t made it into the Lonely Planet yet, and you would like to welcome more foreign visitors, send me an invite! I’ll take your recommendations as to what I should try, conduct a short interview to learn more about you and your business, and take lots of photos. Then I’ll write an article in my Food Reviews section. [extra text in white to make next header align properly]

Day trip or activity reviews

Jason explaining graffiti art

In most destinations, I join day trips or activities like walking tours, hiking, snorkelling, language classes or cooking classes, to name a few. Mature travellers tend to like soft adventures, cultural activities, handicraft making/shopping, and learning skills, so these are the things I’m looking to try out and write about on my site. Check out this review of a Spanish school and a walking tour.

Product reviews

New Tilley Hat

If you have products that you would like to market to travellers (whether it’s clothes, accessories, books, luggage, or electronics), I will take a sample with me on my next trip, put it through its paces, and write a thorough review (with pictures, and possibly video) on my website. For examples, see Review of the Tilley Hat and the book “A Better Life for Half the Price” by Tim Leffel.

Freelance Services

Using my existing skills, I can offer the following services at affordable rates. Contact me for a quote.

Freelance writing

I can write a guest post (or a series of posts) on your site on the topics of budget travel, solo travel, women travel, packing, health and safety, frugal living, as well as hundreds of destinations. Here are the countries I’ve visited so far. And here is my portfolio.

Editing and Proofreading

I have excellent English editing skills and can substantively edit, copyedit, and/or proofread your documents, whether in print or online, so that they look professional and free from pesky typos, repeated words, or embarrassing grammatical errors. For online content, I will also test all the links. I can edit blog posts, articles, press releases, query letters, even an entire website! Show me what you’ve got.

Setting up a WordPress site

I set up and customized my blog myself, including learning WordPress, choosing a theme and modifying some of the styles (colours, fonts, and so on), installing widgets, as well as linking Google Analytics. I can help you do the same.

Planning and researching trips

Having spent over two decades organizing my own trips to all corners of the world, I offer travel consultations on Skype to help you decide where to go, itinerary ideas, travel style, what to pack, as well as answer all your concerns.

I can also research flights and accommodation online to help you save time and money, or answer any other questions you have in a customized detailed report.

(If you only have one or two simple questions, feel free to fire me an email!)

Providing photos

If you would like to use any photo you see on my site, in a larger resolution, please let me know. I also have thousands of photos from places on all seven continents. You can see some of my favourites here, and a larger sample here.

If you would like some custom photos from my current (or upcoming) location, let me know also.

2014 travel collage

Simple translations between French and English

Although I am not a professional translator, I speak and write both French and English at a native level and can help you with simple translations such as press releases, letters, advertisements, or texts of a general nature (that is, not technical, legal, or medical). Trust me, it will be 1000% better than anything Google Translate churns out!

Contact me now to discuss your needs and get a quote without obligation.

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