Travelling is probably cheaper than you think… if you know where to go. Gain the confidence to travel outside the expensive destinations of North America and Europe while saving yourself the heavy mark-ups from organized tours. Learn to safely and easily organize your own trips to Latin America or Southeast Asia, two of the most interesting, and cheapest areas in the world.

Escape winter somewhere really exotic this year!

For how long could you travel on $50 a day? For the cost of 2 weeks in Europe, you can easily spend 6 weeks in Ecuador and Colombia for example, or Thailand and Laos. In comfort. I’ve been doing it since 2010.

Have you ever wanted to explore countries like Nicaragua, Cambodia, or Peru, but thought it was too difficult, dangerous, or expensive?

Do you want to go beyond the beach resorts, and discover the culture of a country, but don’t like the constraints of a tour group?

Then “Organize your own amazing trips to Latin America” and “Organize your own amazing trips to Southeast Asia” are the guides you must read before you buy any guidebooks. They show you, step-by-step, how to organize your own safe and cheap trips anywhere in Latin America or Southeast Asia, without undue stress.

In these e-books, I have gathered everything I learned over two decades of travelling the world, including two years spent in a total of 21 countries all over Latin America and Southeast Asia.

Buy one or buy both! Since the core content is the same, buying one book gives you a $10 discount on the other.


Is it really for me?

You will benefit most from these e-books if:

  • You already have some travel experience (your own country, North America, Europe, wherever)
  • You can use the internet
  • You would like to travel independently (possibly solo) to Latin America and/or Southeast Asia
  • You have a limited budget

These e-books will be of limited use if you:

  • Prefer spending your vacation at resorts or on cruise ships
  • Only want to travel with organized tours
  • Have no interest in visiting Latin America or Southeast Asia
  • Have a lot of money and can pay for your own private guides, drivers, staff, yatch, etc.

And by the way, men and women will benefit equally from these products. 🙂

What’s in them?

In each book you will learn:


  • 13 challenges of travelling in developing countries
  • Where to go, based on how much time and money you have, time of year you want to travel, etc.
  •  A geographical and cultural overview of the most popular destinations in Latin America or Southeast Asia
  •  Which vaccinations you need, and what medications to bring, to stay healthy
  •  How to find out if you need visas and how to get them
  •  How to approximate how much the trip will cost you and establish a budget
  •  What to pack and how to travel light
  •  How to find and book good accommodation while on the road
  •  Food, glorious food – how to eat safely but cheaply
  •  How to book your own transportation, and when it makes more sense to fly or take the bus
  • 7 tips to make solo travel a better and cheaper experience
  • 5 web sites to help you find a travel companion
  •  How to deal with the language issues
  •  Everything to do with money – from using ATMs to bargaining
  •  Laptops, cell phones, adaptors – how to make sure they work at your destination
  •  How to protect yourself and your belongings, and stay safe
  • A special section for women travellers and men travellers.
  • … and more!

Each e-book also contains about 30 colour images, and maps. At around 140 pages, they are quite hefty and are downloadable as PDF files.

Reading through these books will give you the confidence to travel independently (solo or with others) through the wonderful and exotic countries of Latin America or Southeast Asia without the need to book expensive and inflexible package tours. You will know exactly how to go about preparing for your trip, making your bookings, and enjoying the destinations your way, whether you have two weeks, two months or two years.

And gals, fear not! These countries are friendly and safe for women travellers, as well as fairly easy to travel through, once you know what to watch out for.


What previous readers are saying

(Note: early readers received an e-book that combined both Latin America and Southeast Asia.)

“I totally enjoyed reading your ebook – it is full of really good information on traveling in the areas that I am interested in. I have traveled a bit, and it was good to read that in the packing department, I was doing really well with what I was doing.

The websites that were given for researching different types of accommodation, packing, transportation and every other area were fantastic! It was great to make note of many of them, for planning my next trip. And I loved the chapter on solo travel, since that is how I usually travel… it gave me inspiration and motivation to do more traveling by myself.

The whole book was well written and easy to understand, and in the order that you would normally work through when planning a trip. Thanks for putting such an excellent resource together.” 

    – Jan Matthews

“Great read for anyone who is interested in learning more about Southeast Asia and Latin America. It helps travelers set the right expectations for a more successful travel experience.”

    – Nicole Elmore

“The e-books explain very well in a short and precise way the what, where, and how of travel in these countries. Personally, I preferred South America. ALL you need to know is in these few paragraphs. I found it interesting and funny to read. It has an enormous amount of information and I like the pictures too. Thank you for this useful travel tool.”

    – Pierrette Léger

” I just finished reading your e-book and found it extremely helpful and interesting to read. A lot of the stuff I already knew but I also learned a lot of fascinating and interesting tidbits about the two areas described, ie., Latin America and Southeast Asia. While reading your book it got me excited to want to go and visit some of those countries in those areas. I am encouraged by the fact that it is actually pretty safe to travel in those areas even as a solo traveller but also still best to exercise caution and to keep one’ wits about them to lessen any chances of mishaps. Although one needs a lot of preparation in terms of vaccinations, visas, and getting the proper information it is so worth it in the end. I am looking forward to visiting one or both areas at some point in my life, hopefully sooner rather than later.”

    – Maida H.

How about a bonus?

But there is more. With every purchase, you will receive a FREE photo e-book showcasing 35 of my best images of Latin America and Southeast Asia, to get you salivating in anticipation of your trip!

You will also receive e-book updates at no charge whenever I make them. As I learn about new ways to travel more cheaply or easily through the region, so will you!

Buy one book for US$9.95 or both for US$12.95. (But don’t worry, if you only want one now, you automatically get a $10 discount code to use against the second one later!)


30-day guarantee

If, after reading Organize your own amazing trips to Latin America or Organize your own amazing trips to Southeast Asia you realize that it will be of no use to you, I will reimburse your money if you ask within 30 days from the date of purchase.

I hope to see you on the road somewhere!


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