Taxis, Cuba

Travelling on public transportation is a big part of exploring new countries and learning about the culture, in addition to getting yourself from point A to point B. Everybody has been on trains and buses, but how about reed boats, coco taxis (shown above), or dog sleds?

The following infographic shows 30 unique modes of transport around the world, and a location where you can find them.

(You may also want to read Tips and tricks for inter-city travel, a post I wrote last May, before you go on your next trip.)

Around The World In 30 Unique Modes of Transport #infographic(You can also find more infographics at Visualistan)

How many of these have you used? Any favourite experience? Can you think of more? I don’t believe I have been on half of those yet! I obviously still have a lot of travelling to do. 🙂

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